坚信者马克西姆 Amb. 10 42

坚信者马克西姆 AMB. 10.42

Those who treat divine things in a mystical way…. say that humanity first come to existence in the image of God assuredly so as to be born of the Spirit by choice and receive in addition the likeness which comes upon it through the keeping of the divine commandment, so that the same human being should be the creation of God by nature and also the son of God and a god through the Spirit by grace. For it was not possible in any other way for a created human being to be proved a son of God and a god through deification by grace unless first he had been born in the Spirit by choice, through the independent power of self-determination that naturally dwells within him. This deifying and divine and non-material birth was neglected by the first human being through his preferring sensible and discernible pleasure to good that are for the time being spiritual and invisible.

Amb. 10.42, PG 91.1345D-1348A, Maximus the Confessor – 坚信者马克西姆