坚信者马克西姆 AMB. 22

坚信者马克西姆 AMB. 22

He, who, by the mere inclination of his will, laid the foundation of all creation, visible and invisible, had in an ineffable manner a supremely good plan for created beings before all ages and before the creation of those beings. The plan was for him to mingle without change on his part to unite human nature to himself while remaining immutable, so that he might become a man, as he alone knew how, and might make humanity divine in union with himself. Also, according to the plan, it is plain that God wisely divided and distinguished the ages between those intended for the purpose of God becoming a man, and those intended for the purpose of man being made a god.

Thal. 22, CCSG 7.137.4-16, Maximus the Confessor – 坚信者马克西姆

For if he has fulfilled the goal of his mystical effort for becoming a man, having become like us in every respect save without sin, and even descended into the lower regions of the earth where the tyranny of sin was pressing humanity, then God will also completely fulfill the goal of his mystical effort to deify humanity, in every respect of course, short of an identity of essence with God, and assimilate humanity to himself and elevate it to a position above all the heavens. It is to this exalted position that the greatness of God's grace, and of his infinite goodness, summons lowly humanity.

Thal. 22, CCSG 7.139.37-49, Maximus the Confessor – 坚信者马克西姆

But in the coming ages we shall undergo the transformation of deification by grace and be no longer active but passive; and for this reason we shall not cease from being deified. At that point our passivity will be supernatural, and there will be no limit to the divine activity in infinitely deifying those who are passive.

Thal. 22, CCSG 7.141.74-82, Maximus the Confessor – 坚信者马克西姆

For nothing created is by nature productive of deification, anymore than it is capable of comprehending God. It is a natural property of divine grace alone to grant beings deification in a proportionate manner, and to illuminate their nature by the light that transcends nature, enabling it to rise above their limitations through the abundance of glory.
因为,凡是被造的,它的本质无法产生神化, 也无法理解神。只有神圣恩典的本质能够完整的将神化赐给人,并用从一个超越的本性而来的光照亮他们的本质,让它能够借由荣耀的丰盛,超越他们的限制。

hal. 22, CCSG 7.141.93-8, Maximus the Confessor – 坚信者马克西姆

Thus we passively experience deification by grace as something which is above nature, but we do not actively accomplish it; for by nature we do not have the capacity to attain deification.

Thal. 22, schol. 5,CCSG 7.145.28-30, Maximus the Confessor – 坚信者马克西姆