Elmer M. Colyer 三一论神学的应许:与Thomas F. Torrance对话的神学家

三一论神学的应许:与THOMAS F. TORRANCE对话的神学家


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Thomas F. Torrance is considered by many to be the most outstanding living Reformed theologian in the Anglo­Saxon world. These essays critique his work and explore his place in Reformed theology. His relation to the Greek fathers, and both everyday life and scientific understanding is also studied. / Thomas F. Torrance

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On the final point remains to be discussed, namely Torrance's doctrine of union with Christ, for it is only through this union that we partake of the blessings of his holy and obedient life. Writing on the doctrine of deification through grace he notes that: / 最后一点,被称为Torrance的与基督联合的教训,仍需要被讨论。因为只有经过这个联合我们才能分享到他的圣洁和顺服的生活的祝福。当写到经由恩典而神化的教义时他做了以下的注解:

Reformed Theology interprets participation in the divine nature as the union and communion we are given to have with Christ in his human nature, as participation in his Incarnate Sonship, and therefore as sharing in him in the divine Life and Love. That is to say, it interprets “deification” precisely in the same way as Athanasius in the Contra Arianos. It is nly through real and substantial union (Calvin’s expression) with him in his human nature that we partake of all his benefits, such as justification and sanctification and regeneration, but because in him human nature is hypostatically united to divine nature so that the Godhead dwells in him “bodily,” in him we really are made partakers of the eternal life of God himself. / 改革宗神学将我们在与基督在他的人性联合并交通中被赋予的神圣性情解释为他道成肉身的儿子的地位,所以也在他里面分享到神圣的生命和爱。也就是说,改革宗神学就是用亚他拿修在“反亚流(Against Arius)”完全同样的方式来解释“神化”。只有经过在他(基督)的人性中与他真实和本质的联合(加尔文自己的话),我们分享他所有的益处,如称义,成圣和重生,但是因为在他里面人性与神性在位格上合一,所以神格住在他的身体里,在 他里面我们成为真正分享神自己生命的人。