Mathew Henry 以賽亞九6


Mathew Henry

He is the everlasting Father, or the Father of eternity; he is God, one with the Father, who is from everlasting to everlasting. He is the author of everlasting life and happiness to them, and so is the Father of a blessed eternity to them. He is the Father of the world to come (so the Septuagint reads it), the father of the gospel­state, which is put in subjection to him, not to the angels, Heb_2:5. He was, from eternity, Father of the great work of redemption: his heart was upon it; it was the product of his wisdom as the counsellor, of his love as the everlasting Father.

祂是永遠的父(the everlasting Fahter),或永恆的父(the Father of eternity);祂是神,與那位從永遠到永遠的父是一。祂是永遠生命和喜樂的作者,而父是祂們永遠喜樂的作者。祂是要來世界的父(這是七十士譯本的讀法),是那個順服祂的福音之國(the gospel­state),而不是天使的父,希伯來二5。從永遠,祂就是救贖之偉大工作的父:祂的心完全在救贖之上;作為工師,救贖是祂智慧的產品,作為永遠的父,救贖是祂所愛的作品。